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“Garage Libre” with af83

Alban PeignierAlban Peignier

Today is the “Garage Libre” grand opening! 4 days organized by XYT to talk about the future of mobility…

And the future of transportation begins now… This is precisely why we are XYT innovation partners on this event. This “off” event during the Mondial de l’automobile is all about building alternative mobility – connected, modular, scalable…

This first edition is taking place from September 29th to October 2nd, and showcases a rich agenda: Open Garage, exhibitions, conferences & workshops, B2B meetings… The week-end will be dedicated to the general public.

vous avez 6mn pour le dire avec des fleurs

Our Mobility team will be here during September 30th and October 1st. We’ll be talking about last mile logistics, new uses… and a sneak preview of isochron solutions we’re developing.

Come talk with us at Grand Train, a singular and symbolic place for transportation and disruption! It will also be the opportunity to discover the modular vehicles and solutions designed by XYT, their partners and the whole ecosystem.

Interested by the event? Find all the details and subscribe online


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