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Isochrone, rewarded by the Star of the Observeur du Design!

Isochrone, the awardee technology at the Observeur du Design has earned the Star at the recent ceremony on December 5th at the Centre Georges Pompidou.

For the first time, a technology is nominated for an award at the Observeur du Design.

Brought from the research of af83’s ingeneering and innovation team, previously honored by bpifrance 2016’s Innovation Numérique contest, this API allows you to measure isochrones*.

What is it?

For a mathematician, it can report all the farthest accessible points from a point of origin for a set time.

Anything else?

For an ingeneer working with mobility and transportation, it is the accessible area following different transportation means for a set time for a route.

Come on…

It is! So, for a product or digital service designer, it can relate space through time. It can look for the closest pick-up and go store or gym — using any means of transportation — or even vacancies 30 minutes away from work!


Of course — and for the end user, to become spoiled (again), without knowing by heart a transport service!

It goes without a doubt that with the Grand Paris, the Olympic games and the Universal Exhibition (to be confirmed) this approach will gather some enthusiasts!

Because the issues noticed on the field are far from studying a case of possible usage and it is a technology considered like a foundational one for service design.

Isochrones will enter a marketing phase beginning 2018.

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